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We are a post-production company that pays close attention to our clients’ needs,
from large internationally film festivals to small cinema events.
We are fully familiar with the environment, as we personally take part in events in the sector
and know how to appreciate the pleasure of authentic works.
This is why at Emmeci Video we focus on precision and diligence,
for video editing, copying, translations, subtitles and audio descriptions.
We use only the highest quality equipment to provide a wide range of post-production services in line
with the high standards of the original works.
We also carefully select our staff to guarantee the highest quality translations
and adaptations, also working in the most complex Asian languages.


Precision is a fundamental aspect of subtitling.
Anyone working in film screening at any level, from international festivals to small cinema events, well knows that high-quality subtitles are of vital importance
for anyone wishing to offer their audience the pleasure of a film shown in the original language.
Our highly-qualified staff produce subtitles that mirror the original language,
both for the cinema and home video, also in line with specific requirements.
• Subtitles for the cinema and various online platforms,
   including Netflix, Amazon, iTunes, Google and Chili.
• Multilingual subtitles in all major European languages,
  Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese Chinese and Japanese, in DCP version for screening in
• Subtitles for standard DVDs and blu-ray discs.
• Subtitles in Italian for the hearing impaired.
• Multilingual subtitles for theatre events in all major European languages.
• Video-embedded subtitles, with exported multimedia file using ProRes 422,
   Prores 4444 or MXF, in line with the client’s request.


Audio description is a public service for the blind and sight-impaired,
helping them to listen to the description of characters, actions, settings and facial expressions.
With our colleagues in the sector, we produce audio descriptions that meet the requirements
of the Italian “RAI” Public Utility service as well as international guidelines.


We transfer and capture various analogue and digital audio-video formats on magnetic or optical media,
even for older formats like HD-CAM or DIGITAL BETA,
also editing the aspect ratios and frame rates, with no loss of quality.
We work in these main audio-video formats:
• HDV,
We also perform conversions to and from PAL and NTSC,
reconverting the frame rate or conserving that of the source.
We also perform magnetic tape encryption into the most recent electronic formats,
from standard NTSC and SD formats including DIGITAL BETA, BETA-SP, DV, DVCAM,
Hi8 also from Betamax and VHS media.


Our post-production services are performed to the highest standards of care and precision,
using appropriate equipment and editing software such as AVID.
We edit multimedia contents, feature films, documentaries, TV series, cartoons and institutional videos.


Translating for cinema and television demands extensive knowledge of the sector.
The experience gained over the years allows us to support you in all phases of translation and adaptation
for dubbing your media, even in the most complex Asian languages.


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